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Tomato Sunchocolat F1


Sunchocolat F1 Tomato Seeds


A large cherry tomato, slightly bigger than other “Sun” varieties

Relative Maturity: Early (75 days)

Fruit Shape: Round and uniform

Fruit Colour : Red blush on chocolate brown, lightly striped

Fruit Size: 25 g

Vine Type: Indeterminate – single stem, remove the side shoots

Plant Habit: Medium vigour

Taste: Low acid, very tangy, sweet taste

Disease Tolerance: Resistance to TMV2

Remarks: Clusters of 8-12 fruit on short internodes. For spate harvest. Ideal for use in mixed punnets with other colours.

Sow: January/April
Matures: July/ October
Row width: 75cm
For very early crops, sow under heated glass in late November


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