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Q1. Please advise planting dates for autumn planting onion sets.

The best time to plant autumn onion sets is between 15th September and 15th October. In milder areas, later dates are advised as a major cause of bolting is due to planting too early, as sets planted too early go into the winter at a forward stage of development and are prone to bolt in the Spring.

Q2. What peas and beans can I sow this autumn?

Peas Meteor and Douce Provence, Beans Aquadulce Claudia and Witkiem Manita. Sowing dates – Southern Counties second week in November and a week or so earlier in Northern Counties.

Q3. What are your recommended sowing dates for outdoor cut flowers Sweet peas?

Sow under cold protection in November, harden off in March two weeks before planting out. In most areas, a November direct sowing is worth a try as we have found this very successful on our farm here at Kelvedon.

Q4. I sold plants of Cosmos Double Click this season. I have had one or two of our customers saying that the plants are single. What has gone wrong?

This is not uncommon when the plants have come under stress at some period in the growing cycle. This problem only usually affects the first flush of flowers and as the plant develop further, double flowers will appear.

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