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Cucumber Merlin F1


Cucumber Merlin F1 Seeds

Code: CUC 059

An easy to grow all female type. The plants produce one to two delicious 12-15cm (5-6 in) fruits at every node over a long period. Merlin’s magic includes good resistance to powdery mildew and some resistance to downy mildew and cucumber mosaic virus. Best grown under glass or in a polytunnel.

Target plant population per /acre: 6,000

Sow: Long season: December -February | Second crop: April to May | Outdoor crop: April to May

Transplant: Long season: January onwards | Second crop: May / June | Outdoor crop: June

Matures: Long season: March onwards | Second crop: June onwards | Outdoor crop:  July onwards

Row width: 80-100cm

Plant spacing: 30-45cm

Germination: 21-25°C

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