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Leaf Beet – Elite


Leaf Beet Elite Seed


Rounder leaf than standard Rhubarb Chard with intense red veining, as with Intense this variety has far fewer green ‘off-types’ than the standard. Mainly grown for baby leaf production, similar to Intense at baby leaf stage but as it matures Elite has a slightly darker red leaf. Good upright habit and uniformity.

Remarks: Elite is more uniform in leaf colour, more rugose and fewer off-types than standard Rhubarb Chard.

Direct drilled per acre: Early undercover 280,000 seeds or 3kg or Outdoors  340,000 seeds or 3.5kg
Sow: Early crops March, Main crops April to July
Matures: Early crops June, Main crops July to December
Row Width: 35-40cm


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