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CABBAGE Tantour TZ7022


Cabbage Tantour F1 TZ 7022

Code: TZCAB 110

General Description:

Hybrid variety for hearts production in spring and autumn, as well as greens production for spring, summer and autumn. Outer leaves are an attractive dark green with bright green inner head. Excellent pointed head shape (height 25-30cm) & very good internal fill with short core (less than 35%). It has good wrapper leaves, inner leaves are tender and crunchy, and have an excellent sweet and mild cabbage flavour. Good field holding. Very uniform in trials in UK & Southern Europe.


Maturity from planting: 65 – 68 days
Harvest Season: March – November (hearts production: from early May (from over winter), early June from spring sowing, through to November from sequential sowings. For greens harvest from March)
Head weight (Kg): 0.3-1.0 kg
Head Colour: Bright Green
Features: Can be used as hearts and greens

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