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Cabbage Embassy F1


Embassy F1 Cabbage Seed


Ballhead variety.

Very hardy, attractive heads with slightly savoyed foliage weighing on average 1kg and maturing October to March. Very good shape and colour with excellent culinary qualities, making this variety a great choice for growers.

Sow: February – May
Plant out: Mid June-July
Harvest: October – December
Germination: 13-15°C
Row width: 30-60cm

Direct Drilled per acre:

– Pointed: 38,000 seeds or 150g
– Spring cabbage: 250g
– Spring greens: 400g
– Summer /Autumn cabbage: 42,000 seeds or 200g

Target Plant population per /acre:

– Pointed: 35,000
– Spring Cabbage: 35,000
– Spring greens: 60,000
– Summer / Autumn cabbage: 25,000

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