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Kale Cottagers


Borecole Cottagers Seed


A fine Heritage variety – put back into seed production by Kings Seeds due to increased popularity in
growing Kales. Cottages has unusual green/purple leaves, is extremly hardy, providing a tasty supply of leaves throughout the winter. Unlike other kales a secondary crop of tasty side shoots up the stems in early spring. Originated from a cross between a kale, brussels sprout and then recrossed
with purple sprouting broccoli. This breeding was found of interest by Charles Darwin and mentioned
in his writings of the Gardeners Chronical of 1860, and his book Animals and Plants under Domestication in 1868.

Direct drilled per acre: 21,000 seeds or 100g

Target plant population per /acre: 10,000

Sow: Direct – March to April | In modules – April to July

Matures: September to November

Row width: 60cm

Germination: 13-15°C

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