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Lunchbox Yellow Sweet Pepper


Lunchbox Yellow Pepper Seeds


Small snacking peppers in yellow with a small seed cavity. Very sweet making them ideal for eating in a salad or adding to childrens lunch boxes to snack upon.

Mini-sized peppers

Maturity: Early
Days to Green: 63 days
Days to Yellow – ripe: 83 days
Plant Habit: Tall
Fruit Habit: Pendant
Fruit Colour: Green turning yellow to golden yellow
Fruit Shape: Slightly tapered
Fruit Size (length x diameter): 6.4-7.5 x 3.8 cm
Scoville rating: 0
Taste: Deliciously crisp and sweet

Sow: December / March
Matures: June / November
Germination: 21°C
Row width: 60cm
Target plant population: under glass 10,600 per acre.

For very early crops, sow late November

Capsicum / pepper

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