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Lettuce Florinred Pills


Florinred Lettuce Pills

Code: LET 139

Attractive red Bavarian cripshead that is full of flavour. Has a very good bolting tolerance. Adds a splash of colour to salads.

Lettuce pills!

Target Plant population per /acre: Indoors: 50,000 | Outdoors: 40,000

– Indoor winter varieties: Oct- April
– Indoor summer varieties: April-Oct
– Outdoor summer:  Jan- July

Early outdoor sowings can be raised under glass in modules and transplanted.

– Indoor winter varieties: Oct to May
– Indoor Summer varieties: May to Oct
– Outdoor summer: May to October

Row width: 25-30cm

Germination: 15-20°C

Lettuce are best sown as modules under glass and transplanted to final planting positions.

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