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Kohl Rabi Kossak F1


Kohl Rabi Kossak F1 Seeds


A giant variety of Kohl rabi that is capable of easily producing swollen stems that are 20cm (8in) across and up to 4kg in weight. Despite its size it remains tender and has an excellent sweet taste when cooked or eaten raw. It keeps a good structure and flavour even when very large. Has been grown for use in a heavyweight class up to 15kg. Can also be stored in a cool environment for up to 4 months.


Direct drilled per acre: 100,000 seeds or 350g

Target plant population per /acre: 46,500

Sow: Early Feb to April in Modules | Direct drill from March to mid June

Matures: May to October

Row width: 38cm

Germination: 13-15°C

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