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Organic Carrot Yellowstone


Yellowstone Organic Carrot Seeds

Code: OVCAR 013
Passport: GB-ORG-05 P5847

Long and relatively slender yellow roots with consistent colour and good flavour.

Direct Drilled per acre:
– Early crop: 300,000 seeds or 300g
– 2nd early crops: 400,000 seeds or 400g
– Main crops: 700,000 seeds or 700g

– Early crops: End Oct /Jan under polytunnel
– 2nd early crops: Feb/ March under polythene/ fleece
– Main crops: April to mid June

– Early crops: Early to mid June
– 2nd early crops: Mid June to late July
– Main crops: August onwards

Germination: 8°C

Row width: Twin 45cm

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