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Zimbabwe Black Chilli Pepper


Capsicum Annuum Zimbabwe Black Seeds

The purple stained foliage and colourful chillies which ripen from dark purple to bright red give Zimbabwe Black a striking appearance. This is a Capsicum annuum cultivar with a densely branched growth habit producing masses of colourful flowers and fruit.

Zimbabwe Black is a spectacular dual-purpose cultivar, producing masses of edible fairly mild chillies on highly ornamental plants. Deservedly popular.

  • Species: Capsicum annuum
  • Type: ornamental
  • Origin: Zimbabwe
  • Plant: upright
  • Chillies: medium, erect
  • Shape: finger
  • Flavour: fair
  • Pungency: fairly mild
  • Unripe Chillies: dark purple
  • Ripe Chillies: red
  • Flesh: very thin
  • Core: small
  • Seeds: small, fairly numerous
  • Season: fairly early
  • Yield: very good

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Capsicum / pepper

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