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Cabbage Felicity F1


Felicity F1 Cabbage Seed

Code: CAB 052

Ballhead variety.

An unusual Japanese flat cabbage, producing quality heads weighting 800g to 1.2kg. Excellent flavour and texture, ideal used for salads, coleslaw or use whole leaves as a wrap for sushi or as part of a healthy sandwich.

Sow: April – May
Plant out: Mid June – July
Harvest: September – November
Germination: 13-15°C
Row width: 30-60cm

Direct Drilled per acre:

– Pointed: 38,000 seeds or 150g
– Spring cabbage: 250g
– Spring greens: 400g
– Summer /Autumn cabbage: 42,000 seeds or 200g

Target Plant population per /acre:

– Pointed: 35,000
– Spring Cabbage: 35,000
– Spring greens: 60,000
– Summer / Autumn cabbage: 25,000

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