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Dwarf French Bean Kysia - Treated Seed (Apron)

New Crop  December 2020


Dwarf Bean  Kysia  Treated Seed  (Apron)

General Description:

Tozers  best-selling very fine dark green bean.  Suitable for both fresh market and processing.


Colour Dark Green
Pod Length 12 cm
Sieve size in mm 70%, 6.5-8 mm
Type Very Fine
Sow May onwards
Disease Resistance
HR Pseudomonas syringae pv phaseolicola (race 6)  - Halo Blight
HR Bean Common Mosaic Virus  
HR Colletotrichum lindemuthianum L. (race Lambda) – Anthracnose


Product Code: TZDFB 102T

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Sowing & Harvest Times

Protected cold
Protected heat
Transplant month
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